Akerman LLP is a law firm based in Miami, Florida that was founded in 1920. Andrew Smulian has been the Chairman and CEO since 2008.

Akerman was founded in 1920; it was formerly known as Akerman Senterfitt LLP and changed its name to Akerman LLP in 2013. It was founded by former United States District Court Judges John Moses Cheney and Alexander Akerman as Cheney & Akerman, with offices in Orlando, Florida. By 1925, Alexander Akerman partnered with Hugh Akerman as Akerman & Akerman, after Cheney died. In 1936, Hugh Akerman and Billy Dial, who was instrumental in the founding of what is now known as SunTrust Bank, formed a partnership with William Akerman. These three men were largely responsible for the success of the firm through the 1950s, under the name Akerman, Dial & Akerman. George T. Eidson and American Bankers Association President Donald T. Senterfitt later became name partners and played significant roles in the growth and success of the firm from the 1950s through the 1980s.
Akerman acquired its first office outside of Orlando in May 1958 when the firm merged with Turnbull & Senterfitt. In 1982, a Miami office was opened.


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